IT service provider Getronics has formed a technology partnership with HeleCloud, a leading AWS Consulting and Managed Services partner for…

IT service provider Getronics has formed a technology partnership with HeleCloud, a leading AWS Consulting and Managed Services partner for UK and EMEA , to enable the design, delivery and management of leading-edge AWS-based solutions for Getronics customers through a ‘centre of excellence’. While adoption of cloud services is growing rapidly among businesses across Europe, associated cloud skills are scarce.

HeleCloud, one of the UK’s fastest growing start-ups, provides businesses with the skills, knowledge and experience they need on-tap. Initially the partnership will focus on Europe, with Getronics’ sizeable presence in European enterprise and midmarket businesses affording access to customers through existing relationships, while targeting the following industry sectors: retail, travel and transportation, financial services, and healthcare. Leveraging HeleCloud’s AWS technical knowledge and experience, the two companies will create solutions designed specifically for each vertical sector, augmenting Getronics’ existing portfolio of services by enabling their delivery on AWS.

Solutions will include Technology Consulting, Managed Services, and Technology Training. Getronics Group Vice Chairman, Mark Cook, commented: “There is significant customer interest in and momentum towards public cloud services on the AWS platform. In adding AWS capabilities we are adding choice for our customers, which is absolutely the right response to their interest and public cloud’s current momentum.” Technology offerings will be delivered from the new Cloud Centre of Excellence, organised into seven areas of competence: Cloud Roadmap & Migration Cloud Security, Compliance & Governance Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Big Data & Analytics Managed Infrastructure Managed Security & Compliance Cloud Technical Design Authority.

Steve Rosa, Getronics Vice President for Cloud, Infrastructure and Security, added: “Getronics provides genuinely end-to-end cloud-based solutions: we advise our customers on the best locations for their workloads, we run the transformation projects including application modernization, and we deliver the management of the full stack – all wrapped up in our security and compliance services.”

Dob Todorov, CEO and Chief Cloud Officer of HeleCloud said: “We are excited to establish this partnership with Getronics – one of the most successful and fast growing global IT business of our time, with impressive capabilities across a range of platforms. Together, we are much more than the sum of the parts, and we’ll innovate and build AWS capabilities to the benefit of Getronics customers.” While adding AWS capabilities, Getronics remains a Microsoft Azure partner, serving customers committed to Microsoft technologies or intent on establishing multi-vendor presence. Getronics also delivers private and hybrid cloud solutions from its own hosted private cloud platforms in 19 data centres across Europe coupled with investments running across North America.

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