How IT is supporting the efforts of the leading provider of fastening and assembly technology to achieve ‘proven productivity’

Bossard is a global specialist for high quality screws, fasteners, logistics systems and application engineering. In 2021, Georg Meyer took up the role of CIO to oversee an IT transformation that worked in tandem with Bossard’s overarching goal of delivering ‘proven productivity’. A holistic view focused on collaborating with customers and developing technology solutions that are better, faster, more efficient and more cost-effective to help them outperform their competition.

Strategic IT

“We enable our customers to use their time more and more on value-adding activities and provide peace of mind,” says Meyer. “Bossard does this by providing the right parts at the right time. Similarly, with IT, we provide reliable, stable, and secure systems to run the business. Our objective is to be a trusted partner that enables the Group’s strategic ambitions.”

BOOST (Bossard’s One Operations Streamlining Technology)

On its quest to further empower both customers and employees, Bossard is working with business transformation partner HSO on its BOOST (Bossard’s One Operations Streamlining Technology) program to implement a new ERP solution. “Our program manager has brought together more than 100 business process owners and subject matters expert from across the globe, in a total of over 400 hundred workshops to design our new solution with HSO,” explains Meyer.

“It is designed ‘by the business, for the business’ – informed by HSO’s and our expertise. The energy and enthusiasm in these workshops is inspiring. Even now, in the hot phase of the pilot rollout, the spirit is great! Our users want this and are doing all they can to make it a success… even though it is a very challenging project in a time when the business environment is already extremely demanding. I believe a part of that enthusiasm and drive is that they see how much potential we can unlock once we have the solution fully in place.”

Smart Factory

“Bossard delivers proven productivity,” pledges Meyer. “We have helped customers reduce inventory by 33% with Smart Factory Logistics. We’ve enabled robotics manufacturers to reduce costs by 15% and reduce their work effort while improving reliability. In some cases, we’ve cut assembly time or costs in half and reduced complexity by becoming a single source for fasteners.” Fasteners are typically a tiny fraction of the cost of a final product. However, Meyer points out that missing just one can shut down your production line. “Our goal is to take that worry off the table.

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