How a people-centric focus is driving transformation at CEMEX

Fausto Sosa de la Fuente, Information Technology VP at CEMEX, talks to Interface about the vast changes technology has made to the construction organisation, and how a people-centric focus fits into its transformation.

CEMEX is a global construction materials company with approximately 46,000 employees across the world. An organisation that large tends to constantly innovate, which means change is the constant.

Fausto Sosa de la Fuente, Information Technology VP at multinational construction industry supplier, CEMEX, has been with the business for 22 years. In that time, he’s worked across multiple areas of the company. Covering many different processes relating to technology, Sosa has led the daily operations of CEMEX’s technological infrastructure. Including delivery of all IT services, integration of operating models as part of global acquisitions, and replication of processes and systems across multiple sites. He understands the business and its needs. This has put him in an ideal position to succeed in the incredible transformation the business has been through recently.

Cloud transformation

One of the major areas for improvement has been a cloud transformation. Not too long ago, CEMEX was using its own data centres to store and process information. It’s an organisation with a very standardised operational backbone in terms of the IT landscape. However, CEMEX recognised that to achieve its aspiration to become the most advanced company in the industry, it had to evolve into the cloud.

“The level of flexibility, elasticity, and scalability that comes with moving away from an on-premise model to a cloud-based one is incredible,” says Sosa. “It was a mandatory step in becoming a leading company and providing a real customer experience. Realising this gave us that push to begin the journey.”

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