TransUnion CIO Alejandro Reskala on the technology transformation of a leading consumer credit reporting agency and the dedication to people driving trust

In today’s increasingly digital marketplace, the consumer holds more and more power in commerce. No one understands this development better than TransUnion. With decades of experience as a credit reporting agency behind it, TransUnion has transformed into a global information and insights company that ‘makes trust possible’ across global commerce. The company’s passion lies in ensuring every individual is represented reliably in the marketplace so that businesses and consumers can transact with confidence.

Digital Transformation

To ensure TransUnion is able to keep up with the evolution of data, analytics, and the technology needed to harness the power of them, the company is going through a major transformation behind the scenes. Instrumental in this transformation is Alejandro Reskala, Chief Information Officer of TransUnion’s Canada, LATAM and Caribbean regions.

“I’ve been very fortunate to work on projects all over the world. TransUnion has evolved from a credit reporting agency into a global information and insights company, helping businesses and consumers across the globe. Being at TransUnion for this length of time is a unique experience; I’ve been able to witness the growth in countries where there was previously no opportunity to access credit, and now there is.”


Making trust possible

That key phrase – ‘making trust possible’ – is TransUnion’s promise. Fulfilling that promise is something for which TransUnion is uniquely suited to deliver on as technology becomes increasingly complex and the business grows. “Our products and services are advanced, supported by a technology team of high-calibre individuals in multiple disciplines,” says Reskala.

“The challenge is that we live in a competitive digital economy, and organisations are constantly looking for new ways to connect with consumers. To a great extent, technology is responsible for raising our expectations and creating better experiences, but at the same time technology can diminish trust as people increasingly interact with businesses digitally.”

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