Fleur Twohig, Executive Vice President for Personalisation & Experimentation across Wells Fargo’s Consumer Data & Engagement Platforms, talks about the strategy behind personalising customer experience at scale

Throughout a diverse career in financial services, Fleur Twohig has always been driven by customer-centricity and relationship building. “How do we truly understand our customer relationships, their needs and importantly, how do we support them wherever they may be at all stages of their financial journey?” asks this passionate EVP and customer experience advocate.

Working as part of the innovative Consumer Data & Engagement Platforms team, she is committed to creating a holistic approach to customer experience in with personalisation at the core of one-to-one conversations that support financial journeys.

Fleur Twohig, Wells Fargo

“We need to be there for everyone across the spectrum – for both the good and the challenging times. Reaching that goal is a key opportunity for Wells Fargo. I have the pleasure of partnering across many cross-functional teams to help determine the strategic path forward and then executing upon it. I’ve never been more excited and committed to reaching our personalisation goals based on the immense customer benefit that is within reach.

“Our path to deliver provides great opportunity to transform not only in the way we engage with customers, but also how we enable a new way of working across Wells Fargo. This involves a lot of complexity and our path forward may not always be the straight line we envisaged, but I’m someone who always believes there is a way forward, even if it’s not the first one we imagined, and enabling and supporting our collective success is my critical focus.” 

A customer-centric strategy 

The strategy behind Wells Fargo’s approach to personalisation is all about engaging and supporting its customers says Twohig. “We seek to be where our customers need us to be in a more thoughtful, pro-active and one-to-one way, so we’re there when they’re ready to engage and we can support them at any point in their journey. A big part of our personalisation approach is to leverage our Customer Engagement Engine to identify customer need and then deliver what we call ‘next best conversations’ to our customers and bankers in real time.

“We have to be there when a customer wants to get a new mortgage or needs a new credit card, but it’s also important to support the full spectrum of customer engagement across product, service, experience and onboarding.” 

Twohig sees a range of opportunities to support customers in areas like financial health planning, digital adoption, product and servicing needs, account alerts, and engaging with Wells Fargo in capabilities such as mobile deposits.

“We’re keen to help our customers use our digital capabilities to their advantage. So, for example, when a customer comes into a branch to deposit a cheque we can start a conversation to let them know that they can actually just take a picture of the cheque and deposit it via their mobile banking app without having to visit a branch.” 

Supporting this approach requires an omni-channel presence. “We need to be there for our customers in branches, when they log on to a desktop app, or when they’re walking along the street with their mobile device. As the teams define and build next best conversations, we seek to build them once and make them available across all our channels.” 

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