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Our first cover story explores how Vodafone is leveraging strong leadership to drive the collaborations enabling businesses to champion change management and better use technology.

Welcome to the launch issue of CEOstrategy!


CEOstrategy’s defining peer-to-peer network allows us to feature exclusive and revealing interviews with the world’s most powerful business leaders, revealing fascinating and actionable insights from those driving success across an array of sectors. What challenges do they face, and how are they solving them? 

Our unique storytelling approach delivers powerful content on key issues such as: 

  • Sustainability (sustainable practices, business efficiency, revenue growth)
  • TechnologyTransformation (digitalisation, cybersecurity, e-commerce, data ai) 
  • ProcurementTransformation (adopting digital solutions, adding value) 
  • Digitalisation Strategies (adoption of technology, change management) 
  • People& Talent (talent retention, diversity, equality, company culture) 
  • Supply Chain Transformation (risk management, digital solutions, socio-economic changes) 


Dominic Fitch, Head of Creative Change at leadership development specialist Impact International, outlines five forward-looking skills for the next generation of leaders.

In EY’s January 2023 European CEO Outlook Survey, it was discovered European CEOs expect short-term challenges but have reason for optimism.

Mike Randall, CEO at Simply Asset Finance, discusses how to build a people-first strategy that enables growth.

Diane Lightfoot, CEO of Business Disability Forum, on changing the narrative around diversity and inclusion in the workplace

Welcome to the launch issue of CEOstrategy where we highlight the challenges and opportunities that come with ‘the’ leadership role

David Joosten, CEO, Vodafone US, on leading from the front to drive growth and keep employees and customers happy.

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CEOstrategy–Issue 1

The launch issue of CEOstrategy highlights the challenges and opportunities that come with ‘the’ leadership role


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